Join The Masterclass

1-Hour Video Classes

Tutor Karel Segers lectures about a key topic in story and screenwriting, and helps students staying active and accountable. 15+ new and archived recordings are available to students for the duration of the subscription. 


Question & Answer

Questions can be emailed ahead of the class to be covered in the session. Questions don't need to strictly relate to course topics at hand. Students are welcomed to addres challenges they are experiences  in their own writing.


Integrated / standalone

Masterclasses are a standalone training course, but they can also be taken as a complement to Immersion Screenwriting.  No two subsequent rounds will cover the same material  Topics are chosen from a total of +/- 50 screenwriting subjects.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are these masterclasses about?

They run for an hour, with about 20-30min dedicated to a mini-lecture on a core  screenwriting topic. They are conducted ‘live’, like a webinar, with a limited number of students in the classroom, who can ask questions during the session.

What technology is used for the masterclasses?

We connect via Zoom, which is really easy to use. You can come in straight from your browser, or (better) you can install the free Zoom app on your computer or mobile phone. A private backup stream is available via YouTube or Facebook.

Is any prior knowledge required?

Like the Immersion Screenwriting course, everything taught here is basic screenwriting knowledge. This being said, many writers with experience have found that the masterclasses brought a new perspective on many topics.

Do I need to pay this fee if I’m enrolled in Immersion?

The basic Immersion does not include the masterclasses. Only the ‘guided groups’ have access to the masterclasses as part of their enrolment. Inquire before you enrol to see if any places are free in the upcoming group.

When are the masterclasses being held?

At the time of writing, they are held on Friday 4pm PST (Los Angeles) and another session on Friday at 4pm AEST (Sydney). Depending on the number of students, there may be more or less sessions. 

What if I miss a session?

Students who have paid for the masterclasses will have access to all recordings for the duration of their subscription. This includes all new sessions during their subscription, as well as previous masterclasses.